Harnessing our collective power, coming together and volunteering, is what symbolizes this time. Thousands around the country are doing so and sadly there is a great need.  

The Hostages and Missing Families Forum enable website owners to show their support with one line of code only. A line that stands for bringing the abducted and the missing back home.  

By adding the line of code, visitors to your website will see a clock, counting the time that has passed since hundreds of people were taken hostage by Hamas. As we all must not lose sense of time, and the urgent need to #BringThemHomeNow.  

By adding the line of code to the website’s BODY or through GTM, a small counter clock will appear on your website like this:

Implementing on the website's body

Implementing the BTHN Banner in GTM

To add the BTHN Banner using Google Tag Manager (GTM), please follow these simple steps:

This is how it looks like:


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